Enceladus (En-sell-uh-diss), a Texas based band, is a contemporary rock act which combines virtuosity with diversity to create an exhilarating form of reality bending music. Upon their critically acclaimed debut album release ‘Journey to Enlightenment’ in 2014, Enceladus quickly began to receive worldwide recognition. The band has since been featured on multiple media outlets. Now playing shows in the Southern US region, Enceladus is in production of the follow up album ‘Arrival’


‘The overall level of production, virtuosity, tightness of sound, and on-the-level songwriting make “Journey to Enlightenment” a standout debut release’ –Black Wind Metal

‘One of the most inspired power metal albums in years…Enceladus is able to come up with enough hooks, catchy melodies, and memorable moments for this release to be stellar’-Skull Fracturing Metal

‘Debut Album 9/10’ – Metal-Temple